NZBC Building Product Information Requirement 2023

NZBC Building Product Information Requirement 2023

In accordance with MBIE’s updated Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR), effective from 11 December 2023, as a manufacturer and supplier it is a requirement for Asona to demonstrate compliance. The primary objective is to furnish users of our building products with thorough information, ensuring a clear understanding of how these products contribute to compliance with the relevant NZ Building Code Clauses.

To meet these requirements, we have launched a dedicated webpage on our company website that exclusively caters to Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR). The primary source of product information is via our updated Technical Data Sheets of individual products.

Click here for Technical Library with Data Sheets

BPIR Declaration Statement of Compliance

We believe that this initiative not only ensures compliance but also empowers our clients and partners with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Our commitment to providing the highest quality and transparent information remains resolute.

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