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Asona provides a Return, Renew and Reuse service for its New Zealand made Triton Acoustic Panels. Help reduce construction waste, renew and reuse your acoustic panels.

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Asona is a member of the NZ Green Building Council

Asona Limited is the only NZ acoustic ceiling & wall panel manufacturer to have their main product range awarded Global GreenTagCert™ Level A Certified, for their Triton Range of high performance acoustic ceiling panels to control interior noise levels.

Triton: 15,25,40,50,75,100
Triton Cloud and Cloud Shapes
Triton Baffle Beams

GreenTag / GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A21.

Product Range

Asona Triton range

NZ manufactured / very low embodied energy materials, superior to imported competitor alternatives.
Manufactured locally vs. imported
Lower freight energy costs vs. imports
Contain 85% recycled NZ glass waste vs. imported waste
Packaging is from local recycled material and is reused where possible.
High insulation ratings help conserve heating and cooling energy costs over the life of the building.
Provides local employment in manufacture and distribution.

Knauf Danoline™ perforated plasterboard

Gypsum is non mineral fibre based acoustic ceiling solution for a healthy comfortable indoor environment. A natural product that offers a large number of advantages when used as a building material. Gypsum is easily machined, non combustible and contains no hazardous substances, and the manufacture of gypsum boards has only minimal impact on the environment. The residual waste from production can be recycled to produce new boards.

Plasterboard panels are relatively low embodied energy vs. other building materials (concrete, metal etc) & Knauf Danoline Plasterboard panels are made from a blend of natural gypsum & synthetic gypsum- obtained from recycled post industrial material.

Knauf Danoline perforated panels are clean and have low particle drop when installing, rated for clean air cert in EU.

During fitting and processing no hazardous substances are released, and ready-painted Knauf Danoline gypsum products are easy to maintain. As well as being environmentally sound, gypsum is a durable material with a long lifetime.

OWA Range

OWA ceiling tiles are made of bio-soluble fibres derived from natural sources and recycled materials in differing proportions:

> biosoluble mineral wool 30 % – 60 %
> organic binding agents 5 % – 10 %
> solvent-free dispersions 0 % – 5 %
> natural fillers (clay, perlite) 20 % – 40 %
> recycled pulp 2 % – 5 %

Another difference that OWA makes: we produce our own mineral wool. For that reason we have full control of the raw materials supply chain. We work with selected suppliers, taking care to ensure short transport routes. 80 % of our raw materials come from Germany, indeed mostly from the close vicinity.

OWA ceiling tiles are 100% recyclable, so they can be integrated into lifecycle building concepts. On removal their component parts can be used as fillers, for example, in the construction industry.

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