Triton Classroom 60/40

  • Sunnyvale School showing Classroom 60/40 installed in the school auditorium
    Sunnyvale School Hall - Classroom 60/40
Triton Classroom 60/40
Triton Classroom 60/40™ is a made in New Zealand composite acoustic ceiling system designed for educational facilities where noise control is required to provide speech intelligibility and comfort. Meets AS/NZ2107 standard recommendation for RT 0.4—0.5 The system consists of an economical Teetanium suspension grid with a soft Triton™ absorber and a hard Diffusion™ reflector ceiling panel set out on the grid in a 60/40 ratio. All panels are finished with Sonatex™ composite facing for puncture resistance and a uniform white mat aesthetic.
Design specifically for classrooms with metal roofing where rain noise attenuation and sound absorption is required. Asona recommends the Triton Duo 60™ 60 mm thick composite absorber/ attenuator panels are used as they have sufficient mass to attenuate rain noise and a 50 mm thick absorber layer to provide broad band reverberation control. For classrooms where high mass is not required the lower cost Triton 25™ high sound absorber panels may be used. Diffusion™ hard reflector panels cover 40% of ceiling to provide early reflections that aid in speech intelligibility.
Manufactured in New Zealand from 25 or 50 mm bio-soluble resin bonded glass fibre core combined with a high mass 10mm 740 kg/m³ plasterboard attenuator backer and mat white Sonatex™ or perforated Sonaris™ glass mat composite facing.


Ideal mix of broad band sound absorption and reflection to balance room acoustics. Not too ‘dead’ or not too ‘lively’.
High mass panels muffles rain noise under metal roofs, saves costs of additional ply sarking, PNC 47 at 40 mm/hr.
Durable Sonatex™ composite facing resists damage and scuffing.
GreenTag Certified / Level A
Meets ministry of education acoustic guidelines and AS/NZ 2107 standard, reverberation time RT 0.4-.5 seconds.
Made in New Zealand, short lead times, low embodied energy product. All panels can be renewed, saves on wastage to landfill.
High light reflectance, clean white aesthetic, fast to install.
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