MetaPan Series

  • MIT Manukau showing a detail section of Metapan installed into the ceilings of the kitchen area
    MIT Manukau - Metapan
  • MetaPan - P Series
  • MetaPan - UL Series
  • MetaPan C Series
MetaPan Series

MetaPan™ is a versatile acoustic metal ceiling system that provides excellent durability with an easy clean powder coated finish. 

MetaPan™ P201 lay-in ceiling system is a moveable ceiling design which must be placed on a t-shaped runner.

MetaPan™ UL301 is designed for an open plan ceiling design. The baffles can be tailor-made to suit clients preferences. 

MetaPan™ C-series is a open cell ceiling system designed as a decorative accessible acoustical ceiling.

The MetaPan Series™ is ideal for civic, institutional and commercial buildings that require a long life, accessible acoustical ceiling as well as transportation terminals, healthcare facilities and airport buildings.
Panels manufactured from 0.6 BMT electro galvanised steel sheet, perforated, press formed or roll formed, polyester powder coated and backed with black acoustical tissue. Additional absorber and attenuator material can be added to meet all acoustical requirements.


Durable washable polyester powder coated finish.
Long life ceiling systems.
Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain.
Available in white or black finishes or in custom colours & wood print effects.
Baffle beams, drop-in perforated tiles or open cell tiles.


MetaPan Datasheet
MetaPan P Series Datasheet
MetaPan UL Series Datasheet
MetaPan C Series Datasheet
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