• EchoPanel Penta Tiles
    Echopanel Penta Tiles
  • EchoPanel Tile Vee
    EchoPanel Tile Vee
  • EchoPanel Volt
    EchoPanel Volt
  • Workstation - EchoPanel Puzzle 447
    Workstation - EchoPanel Puzzle 447
  • EchoPanel Mura - Glow
    EchoPanel Mura - Glow
  • EchoPanel Platoon Screen + Mura Pentagon
    EchoPanel Platoon Screen + Mura Pentagon
  • EchoPanel Wrap Screen
    EchoPanel Wrap Screen

EchoPanel® is a decorative panel polyester substrate offering improved acoustic performance with a fabric like finish from Woven Image.

EchoPanel®Wrap Screen comprising of five panels that are cut from 24mm EchoPanel, joiners and feet that are attached to create various combinations of free standing screen.

EchoPanel®Paling Screen comprising of an end panel with 2 slots and mid panel with 4 slots that are cut from EchoPanel®24mm and joiners.

EchoPanel® PlatoonScreen comprising of 2 end panels with 2 slots and 4 mid panels with 4 slots that are cut from EchoPanel®24mm and 10 pivot joiners.


EchoPanel®  is an effective application as a replacement for textile covered workstation systems and as lighter, more flexiable and highly recyclable wall panelling and partition systems.

EchoPanel® Screens are designed as space dividers for sustainable interiors such as: commercial offices, education, retail, hospitality,  government spaces.


EchoPanel® products are made from 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which, depending on the colour contains up to 60% post consumer content.



Made from 100% PET, 60% recycled content.
Makes disassembling Workstations easier.
Wide range of unique patterns and colours.
Global GreenTag Certified, Level A.
EchoPanel® Screens are easily assembled with the joiners and feet (Wrap & Paling only)
EchoPanel® Screens are easily interchangeable which allows for different screen variations.

Technical Drawings


EchoPanel Plaid
EchoPanel Tilt
EchoPanel Tile Vee
EchoPanel Mura Volt
EchoPanel Mura Dart
EchoPanel Mura Jaali
EchoPanel Kome, Haku & Nami
EchoPanel Striae
EchoPanel Mura Tiles - Dune & Wave
EchoPanel Mura - Otto & Quattro
EchoPanel - Puzzle, Hex, Ripple & Frequency
EchoPanel Application Guide
EchoPanel 24mm - Platoon Screen
Echo Penta Tile
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